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Our house at White Cedars, a development by Tim Schaeffer

We moved into our new house on Friday, May 20th 2005. Located in the Cedar Brook area of Winslow Township, New Jersey, it was twelve months in waiting and five months in the making but ultimately worth the wait.

We have 10.5 acres, the vast majority of which is protected wooded wetland. Various maps indicate we might have a small stream flowing in the woods, but we've not been able to get back there yet to see if it's any more than a damp puddle!

A future new neighbor of ours stopped by to say they had found this collection of pictures online and that it gave them some hope that their own house would be completed soon! If any other current or future White Cedars residents discover this site, please feel free to drop me an email at to say hi!

We're on the maps at last! As of early June, 2005, about a third of the roads that form the White Cedars development have appeared on NavTech-driven maps (such as MapQuest). This means DeSilvio Drive is mappable at last, hooray!

There was an article in a local newspaper, the Courier-Post, about White Cedars. Read it here.

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End Result

Settlement day

The last week

One week to go...

Cabinets and dirt and electrics

Paint and Tile and Handrails and wooden flooring

Doors and things



Exterior wall insulation

Basement floor


Work progresses

Roof is done, two months to go!


The roof!

More snow...

The 2nd floor

Carpentry has begun...

Bring on the concrete.

We have construction action!


Developers illustration and a picture of somebody elses house that is similar to how ours will look.

More images can be found here, including photos of the site and construction (at least, it will when it starts!)

Concept pictures

House plan

For Internet Explorer only: House plans. This has been known to not work.

If it doesn't work, click on the following links instead: 1st floor 2nd floor Basement The entire lot Developable lot

Aerial/Satellite imagery and site plan overlays

Other information

The developers site:

Google: Our street isn't on Google's map yet.
Mapquest: Map of locality (star is near bottom right corner of development site)